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Clover "not joining the DILF brigade" Field ([personal profile] fourleafcleaver) wrote2016-02-10 10:39 pm

Seven Vices: CR Chart

i enjoy a bit of "Humour" every now and then, but people seriously need to sotp tying me to a chair and injecting me with unknown substances
will try to become less of an Ape on the day of holy sabbath
forced to remove my famous "DANGER: MAY CONTAIN LETHAL LEVELS OF SARCASM !!" sign from the front door of the poolside shed that i live in
THERAPIST: your problem is, that youre perfect, and everyone is jealous of your good posts, and that makes you rightfully upset. ME; I agree
it may not be necessary for me to reply to every post on my feed with "I Agree" ,b but it is appreciated and nice, and I will never stop
@fluororspspsprprpspsican't be assed to look it up
THIngs other people like: being bastards, being Uniformly tasteless THINGS I Like; Being reasonably kind, and trying to help, when i can
someone please. ive bitten into a nasty apple and I don't know how to spit things out of my mouth. ivr never spit before and i need help
i will soon be leaking a list of the people who sent me really concerned DMs when i posted that jacking off too much makes your dick smaller
(vomits while dioing pushups at the gym and resists every attempt from professional trainers to stop me from continuing)
TROLL: Shut down windows
ME: Ah, no
ignorance... is a fallacy .my dear pals
front of my shirt: " YES: MY PATIO IS HAND-WASHED " back of my shirt: a convenient bullseye so people can shoot me if they want to
if a sniper shot me i owuld run over to where he is and kick the gun out of his hand and kill him because hes not specialized in melee fight
the doctor reveals my blood pressure is 420 over 69. i hoot & holler outta the building while a bunch of losers try to tell me that im dying
Im going to shut the computer off until people learn to be more mature about life. In tge mean time, suck my dick
get me on some ghostboster sitesget me on some ghostboster sites
what donest kill me makes me stronger ((gains infinite strength from being not killed by infinite things))
enjoying some fucked up thoughts of some boys enjoying the real counter culture shit... such as drinking coffee, and being glad it's friday
DOCTOR: you cant keep doing this to yourself. being The Last True Good Boy online will destroy you. you must stop posting with honor ME: No,
(being trampled to death by panicking crowd) hah. look at these dumb fucks. they think im part of a floor. they dont even realize im a human
im an exhausting person to be around but once you get to knnow me im actually a giant shithead with irredeemable mouth
mother nature and father time arre not real. theyre fake people who were invented to explain trees and clocks to shitheads
i just looked up the stats and the number of meaningful relationships ive formed is less than the number of public restrooms ive Screamed in
U cant wear a sword. A sword is not clothes. Yes, A SHeathe, is clothes. The sword goes in the sheath, but that doesnt make it clothes bitch
ah.. why is it that computers can send hateful commentary thorugh the modem... but weren't designed to send something nice.. like a Song
huaw yeah you gotta try this shit... just boil the macaroni in the same pot as the spaghetti ... this is called the famous "Double pasta"
if you have a problem with me kissing pictures of Dragons while driving the bus, fight me. i just ate like 30 hotdogs and im near invincible

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